The Garage Sale

This Actually Happened:

The Garage Sale

Here’s a cautionary tale
A five year old, some change, a sale
The neighbors had way too much stuff
Our kid didn’t have enough
Asked her dozing Mom and Dad
Could she borrow just a tad
Took the money went and shopped
Got some more and didn’t stop
Back and forth between two homes
Deon with her cash did roam
Parents woke, opened their eyes
Got one hell of a surprise
Elvis would have been so proud
Everything she bought was loud
Virtual atomic plume
Deon’s stash shown in the gloom
Fruit arrangements painted bright
So gaudy they emitted light
Everything no one desired
Our child happily acquired
Centerpieces, blinding flowers
Someone get a Geiger Counter
We thought fast we had to act
How to deal with this with tact
Course we told her it looked great
It was time to decorate
To her playhouse it all went
Where its time with us was spent
Her taste improved as she got older
Beauty lies with the beholder

A Life Reclaimed

I wrote this for an AA potluck prize a couple of summers ago and shellacked it onto a board. I’m not advocating for any particular recovery group but I really do think AA is one of the smartest, wisest recovery programs out there. Nothing’s perfect but if you read what they call The Big Book, the intelligence and humility that went into the formation of this program is really apparent. The reading’s hilarious at times.

No Rules Just Words

This is where I get to go
What I’ll write I never know
Doesn’t have to follow form
Doesn’t have to be the norm
Whatever comes across my mind
All fair game let it unwind
Blank space as far as I see
Waits for creativity
Coloring outside the lines
Search my head to find what rhymes
If I come up empty, bare
Matching words I find nowhere
Rhymezone is my favorite place
Find a word to fill the space
Different formats, different styles
I could write for miles and miles
I am now done with this poem
Close the shop time to go home

Absurd Bird Second Version

I wrote a little bit on turkeys
Navigating wordpress murky
Had it all ready to go
Hit the launch then shit oh no
My turkey poem disappeared
In it’s place some food appeared
Frantic, started cutting blocks
My prose about the birds got chopped
I’d ordered up a food design
Launched it well before its time
Bye bye birdies off you go
All that’s left are some photos