Fly Paper

My husband is industrious He always knows what’s good for us When our home the flies invaded From a swatter he upgraded Hit the local hardware store Bought some zappers and some more Fly tape was the most exciting To the flies it was inviting Sticky hanging gooey snare Caught my long and curly hairContinue reading “Fly Paper”

Creamer With Coffee

My husband is a fan of joe But alone he thinks it’s slow Quart of creamer in your cup Guaranteed to wake you up Who needs caffeine when there’s sugar Two-thirds sucrose makes it gooder Salted Carmel is so sweet With some coffee would be neat He likes to cruise the dairy aisle Boring nonfatContinue reading “Creamer With Coffee”

Ant Invasion

I’m stealing some stuff from my other blogs. We have ants – lot’s of ants here so I wrote this during one of the “invasions” we’ve had to deal with. Ant Invasion Crawling on my countertop Sugar ants they just won’t stop From the ground they formed a line Up the stairs they climbed andContinue reading “Ant Invasion”

The Case Of The Disappearing Vegetables

Linda’s plate was full of food To her Mom it all looked good Little did her parent know All those green beans had to go What to do, there was no pooch No furry friend who liked to mooch Steak and salad with tomatoes Great big pile of mashed potatoes But the bane of thatContinue reading “The Case Of The Disappearing Vegetables”

Coffee’s Comin’ Down The Tracks

Morning ritual wakes us up.Pound of coffee in your cup.Black as night and heavy too.Man, this is your kind of brew.Coffee is so thick and dank.Rolls in like a Sherman tank.Busting rivets, twisting guts.Loosening your bolts and nuts.This pot it has a coal car.A fireman and crew.Hit that mountain running.Son, you have no clue.Clear theContinue reading “Coffee’s Comin’ Down The Tracks”