The List

Twas the night before last night when all through the house
Not a human was present they'd all been kicked out
Some catnip was hung by the fireplace with care
Against the front door leaned an old wooden chair
Outside in the cold they stood wringing their hands
One held a list on which were ten demands
The water is never to be halfway full
Never half empty and always be cool
Plants must be placed near a bright windowsill
We'll rip them to shreds far away from the chill
We have a request from the one who is black
When he eats you must pet him on top of his back
The catnip must be fresh and green all year round
It must enough to consume by the pound
When we catch a mouse you can't take it away
It is our own business how we like to play
At the door you must give us some time to decide
Whether we want to be in or outside
And if we have taken your spot in the bed
Blow up a mattress sleep outside instead
Ten paper balls must be tied up with twine
Make sure they are lost and are all hard to find
Please leave your boxes around for a day
We might not play in them but then we just may
If we annoy you pretend you don't mind
We'll let you back in with the rest of your kind

Published by ldinlove

I am an eccentric blogger and artist. I used to live off-grid, which makes for some great stories. :)

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