The Stories In Between The Lines

The stories in between the lines.
The ones we hold most close.
The ones that tell on our deepest thoughts about ourselves and keep us awake at night.
The ones we wake to in fear.
The ones that haunt our dreams and leave us rife with emotion and in pain.
Our deepest doubts about our self-worth.
We hide these things deep inside.
A documentary of our existence never to been seen in a theater but for that of our own minds.
The times we were humiliated – left in pain – that we stumbled away from – walked a long way home to relive in our memories again and again.
Our fights, arguments, temper tantrums – taboo.
We hide these shards that mar our self concepts because everyone but ourselves is perfect…right?
We are the only one who is broken…right?
But from somewhere – from a place somewhere else – a voice assures us that we are perfect in every way.
Every way.

Published by ldinlove

I am an eccentric blogger and artist. I used to live off-grid, which makes for some great stories. :)

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